First Panel: The Art of Disruption with Jane Friedman and Jeffrey Sharp of Open Road Media

It’s halfway eBookSummit100x100.gifthrough the first panel, which features Jane Friedman and Jeffrey Sharp of Open Road Media. Friedman and Sharp have been explaining what Open Road Media is and will do. They’re focusing on marketing and their excitement about their ideas for digging deep into an author’s brand and backlist, mining unusual content to enhance their products, such as university archives where authors’ papers are housed in order to add value to their eBooks.

But of course, everyone wants to know how Open Road responds to last week’s letter from Random House CEO Markus Dohle in which he claimed eBook rights for most of the company’s backlist. Oddly, Friedman didn’t want to say much about the issue. She said, “The only area where there might be an issue is in the author branded backlist,” but then basically closed the discussion down by adding, “I hate to waste the energy on this.”

More in a minute.