Find Some Comfort On Facebook Courtesy Of Carl’s Jr.

Quick serve restaurant chain Carl’s Jr and sister eatery Hardee’s are promoting the new Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger through a new application on their Facebook pages called Comfort Place. The application gives you the opportunity to bombard your facebook page, or the pages of a friend, with comforting messages, funny pictures and videos, as well as receive a few coupons for deals on food from the restaurants.

Comfort Place gives you the option of receiving 24 hours of comfort from Carl’s Jr., or passing the comfort along to a Facebook friend. Carl’s Jr. will deliver the comfort in the form of messages, videos and pictures posted to your or your friend’s wall, along with coupons for comfort food from the restaurant chain and it’s sister restaurant chain, Hardee’s.

Clicking on the Comfort Place tab on both the Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s fan pages leads to a video from a Snuggie-clad spokesman that explains a little about the application as well as a sweepstakes for a Carl’s Jr.-themed Comfort Pack. Entering the sweepstakes requires becoming a fan of the page as well as entering your email address. Carl’s Jr. will be selecting two winners a week through March 26 and posting the names of winners on its fan page. The Comfort Place page also features a picture of the new Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger, which leads to a $1 off a combo featuring the sandwich.

In case the Comfort Place gets you a little too relaxed, you can check yourself by visiting the DisComfort Place, which features various photos that are meant to be unsettling on a few different levels. We will admit, we clicked through a few laughing, but finally found one that made us pretty uncomfortable.

The Carl’s Jr. page currently has a little over 89,000 fans, while sister restaurant Hardee’s has about 31,000 fans. Even combined, the chains are well below the 1.7 million-plus mark set by McDonald’s, which admittedly is in a different league with its world-wide storefront presence. But even more localized chains like In-N-Out Burger, with more than 480,000 fans,  have numbers well into six figures. We’ll keep an eye on this latest campaign to see if the more laid-back, humorous approach to pushing its brand helps Carl’s Jr. inch closer to its competitors.