Find photographic inspiration in OKDOTHIS on iPhone

okdothis 650

OKDOTHIS has announced the official launch of its idea-inspired photo creation app on iPhone. The app offers a community for mobile photographers, who are encouraged to share their favorite photos, as well as the ideas that triggered them. In doing so, other app users will, in theory, find their own inspiration to look at the world in a different way before creating their own beautiful images.

dHDtR9-NamJNmT-KT8Bb0hmQqIEgzE91VXLe4FW_AVoOKDOTHIS offers both serious and whimsical inspirations, from doorways to ones focusing on the use of light and dark in a space. Since the app’s beta launch last year, users engage with the platform for an average of 6-12 minutes each time they open the app.

In addition to providing inspiration, users can edit their photos within the app, adjusting filters, exposure, tone intensity, brightness, contrast and other settings before publishing them to the community.

With this official launch, more features have been added to the platform, including a trending feed for popular photos, a recent feed for new images, faster image loading and an in-depth image search feature.

“We aim to inspire users to create and collaborate with one another, providing both the seasoned photographer pro and the beginner the tools and stimulus to go social with their work and share their unique view of the world,” says Jeremy Cowart, co-founder of OKDOTHIS. “Above all, OKDOTHIS solves the problem of creative block entirely, the ability to be inspired to create photos is unlike any other environment out there.”

OKDOTHIS is available for free on iOS.

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