Find Out Which Influencers Retweeted You

Influencers. The buzz-word since Twitter’s inception. Those elusive people who seem to know what’s trending before it hits the trending topics, and those who sway the opinions and interests of thousands.

If you’ve ever wanted to figure out just how many of these powerful Twitter users you’re actually reaching, you’ll want to pay attention. There’s a new tool from HubSpot which will show you which influencers retweeted a link you sent out, effectively allowing you to discover (and maybe even reward) your content’s biggest fans. may still be in beta, but it’s a fun and useful tool nonetheless.

You simply enter a URL that you’ve tweeted recently (the best links are blog posts that are between 1 day and 2 weeks old, due to Twitter API restrictions), and you’ll get a whole whack of cool statistics about the influencers that have passed on your content.

You’ll be able to learn:

  • The total number of tweets which included that URL
  • The average number of followers of those who retweeted it
  • The URL’s potential reach (the total number of followers of the people who tweeted it)
  • A timeline of when the URL was retweeted
  • The URL’s 20 most influential retweeters

What’s nice about is that it not only shows you who your most influential retweeters are, but it also shows you the exact format of the tweet that they sent out which included the link, and also offers a one-click “thank you” button to send out a thanks to those influencers (although whether you should thank people for retweets or not is debatable).

As HubSpot explains, this is a useful tool for several reasons:

One, you’ll be able to get an at-a-glance snapshot of how well your content is spreading. Other services – like – will do this for you, but HubSpot’s analytics aren’t bad for a quick look.

Two, you can check out the reach and influence of your content, so that you can fine-tune it in the future. You could change the timing of your tweets, the text, or any number of things and check to see whether its retweetability has improved.

And third (and most important), you get some great insight into your influencers. You can build relationships with those who are already interacting with your content, and strengthen the ties between you and your content evangelists.