Find Out What You'd Look Like After Cosmetic Surgery

my_nipAshlee Simpson is on the cover of this week’s US Weekly magazine. The young singer might be best known for the time she’s spent under the knife undergoing her now famous rhinoplasty.

Ashlee’s decision to opt for cosmetic surgery is not unique. In fact, according to a study conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, nearly 30 percent of Americans – or about 90 million people – have considered undergoing a procedure at some point.

I’m guessing 0% of that number are bloggers.

MyNipTuck is a new Website that wants to help you make the decision of whether or not you should opt for surgery. The one-of-a-kind service gives you access to the results of a surgeon-reviewed visualization tool. Basically, you submit a “before” picture and MyNipTuck shows you what you would look like “after’ your selected procedure.From a “simple” Botox infection to a breast augmentation, “after” pictures are designed to help you determine if the cost/risk of the procedure is worth your time.

The Website is quick to point out that the decision to undergo the knife is a philosophical matter as much as it is a physical one. Only YOU know what’s best for you.

Taking a neutral approach, (the site claims it could care less about how you decide to proceed) MyNipTuck will provide you with results in approximately 24 hours. Just upload front and side view photos of the area you are considering changing and indicate your desired procedure. Skilled photo re-touchers edit the photos to show the individual what they might look like post-op, and then a plastic surgeon reviews the altered photo to ensure that the change is likely possible for that person.

The service costs $9.95.

If your “after” picture ends up looking like Joan Rivers, we suggest you avoid surgery at all cost.