Find key words in ten seconds or less in 10 Second Rule on Android

10 second rule 650

Mobile developer Commotion Games has announced the release of its word recognition game 10 Second Rule on Android. The game challenges players to quickly select five key words from a list, which all relate to the current active category.

In each level, players may be asked to find colors, shapes, objects in space, baked goods and more, across a large variety of categories and genres. In the “shapes” category, for instance, users may be required to find words like “rectangle” or “triangle,” while avoiding proper nouns, verbs, animal names, food items and other list-fillers.

As players make correct guesses and complete games, they’ll earn coins for purchasing additional categories.

While the game supports offline, solo play, users can also challenge their friends via Facebook integration, or receive free coins for interacting with the game’s fan page on Facebook.

10 Second Rule is available in a free, ad-supported version, as well as a paid version without ads. This paid app costs $0.99, and also adds the ability to make customized categories and answer lists to send to friends and family.

10 Second Rule is coming soon to iOS, and is now available for Google Play.