Find hidden objects as a guest of Hotel Enigma on Facebook

Image via Game Insight

Following in the footsteps of games like Mystery Manor, Game Insight has released another hidden object game on Facebook: Hotel Enigma. Also available on iPad, Hotel Enigma challenges players with unraveling the mystery in an ornate country hotel by finding hidden objects and completing quests.

Hotel Enigma sees players checking into Room 101, which was previously rented by a mysterious guest, who has vanished without a trace. The guest was in possession of a magical suitcase with the power to open a bridge between dimensions, but players will need to complete dozens of scenes and collect over 130 items before they finally discover why the man was so important.

Players are led through Hotel Enigma via a lengthy quest series, which asks them to complete different kinds of hidden object scenes, complete certain collections of items and more. Scenes come in multiple types, from standard text lists and silhouette scenes to those that change depending on whether it’s day or night (in the game’s day or night cycle). At night, for instance, the scene becomes darker, with only a small illuminated circle remaining at full brightness.

Image via Game Insight

Players have access to a variety of hints to help them out, from those that add more time to each level’s clock, to those that instantly “find” all necessary items in a scene. These hints are awarded for turning in collections or for completing some early quests, but they can be purchased with Sapphires, the game’s premium currency, once the free supply runs out.

Along the way, Hotel Enigma introduces masked hotel staff, which reward players with bonus items for finding specific collectibles. A Masked Porter, for instance, may collect keychains in exchange for coins, experience points and even premium hints.

As players level up, they’ll unlock additional hotel rooms and locations for exploration, with two whole wings of the hotel still blocked off for a “future update.”

Image via Game Insight

In addition to the purchase of energy items and premium hints, Hotel Enigma is further monetized via Amulets, which increase a player’s energy regeneration rate, or boosts the amount of experience points earned over a limited period of time, as two examples. The game’s store also offers dozens of items for purchase with Sapphires, including items used to complete collections (these are otherwise found for free, at random, in hidden object scenes).

Hotel Enigma is now available to play for free on Facebook, and offers a cross-platform save system with the iPad version. The game’s website has revealed the game will come to Google Play in the future as well. Check back soon to follow Hotel Enigma on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.