FedEx Makes an Unwanted Appearance on Letterman’s Top 10

The holidays aren’t so jolly for FedEx, which is now battling bad press and late-night jokes after one of its “couriers” was caught on tape tossing a computer monitor over a fence. The monitor broke, the video is viral (and available after the jump), and the damage control has begun.

Matthew Thornton, the SVP of U.S. operations for the company, has filmed a video of his own and issued a statement on the company’s website stating how sorry and embarrassed the company is, restating its customer service standards, and assuring us that the issue has been resolved with the customer.

Also, he wants to make it clear that this was an isolated incident. “It is one person and one package,” he writes.

Without stating what the action is, Thornton says that the appropriate disciplinary action is being taken and the incident is being used as a “learning experience” for the company.

“We’ve shared this video internally to remind everyone that every single package is important to you, our customers, and that actions like this are totally unacceptable,” the post goes on to say.

One marketing exec praises the quick response from FedEx. More than that, FedEx should be thankful that this happened when it did. News is slowing down a bit, so it’s getting a lot of attention, but that will quickly pass. At this time of year, most people are more concerned with the holidays than yet another PR blooper. If more bad delivery stories come to light, then the company has got major problems.