FBI Announces Arrest Of Top Ten Most-Wanted On Twitter

The FBI arrested one of the top ten most-wanted criminals late last night, and rather than writing out a press release or holding a press conference, they tweeted the news.

The arrest happened just after midnight on Tuesday night, and the FBI took to Twitter to let the public know they are just a little safer. They tweeted the following from their verified Twitter account (@FBIPressOffice):

After recent publicity raised the profile of notable gangster James ‘Whitey’ Bulger, 81, the FBI received a tip that he was living in Santa Monica, California with his girlfriend, Catherine Greig, 60. Agents went to his house shortly after midnight on Tuesday, and captured the pair without incident. Bulger, a South Boston gangster, is wanted for 19 murders.

Just two days before the arrest, the FBI Twitter account tweeted that Boston FBI were stepping up their efforts to find Bulger, linking to a “wanted” poster for Bulger’s girlfriend Grieg. They also put out several TV spots aimed at daytime viewers. Apparently, these efforts yielded results, as someone tipped them off that Bulger and Grieg were living in Santa Monica.

The FBI has been quite active on Twitter for some time now, tweeting news about arrests and wanted information. The organization might not actually interact with any of its followers, but that “rule” of Twitter can be broken by the agency which is charged with capturing some of the most dangerous people in America.