Fat Panda Extends WordPress To Facebook

People who host WordPress blogging software on their own servers can use Fat Panda's SharePress to post content to Facebook.

WordPress users with content hosted by the vendor can use the publicize feature to post content to Faceboo. But what about users who run the blogging software on their own servers?

Fat Panda has the answer to that question with its release of SharePress, which enables the latter group to automate publishing of their content to Facebook, including customizable status updates and selecting the images that will appear with each post.

SharePress also offers timing features, including the ability to schedule posts and simultaneously update Facebook when those posts go live, as well as the option of posting archived content to Facebook.

Fat Panda owner and lead developer Aaron Collegeman said his company has been using SharePress internally for the past few months, for the purposes of fine-tuning the WordPress plug-in, and he added that users who purchase the professional version will be able to contact him personally for support.

The light version of SharePress is available free of charge via the WordPress.org plug-in directory, and it is compatible with users’ personal Facebook walls.

A professional version, which costs $19, brings with it more customization and the ability to post to any Facebook pages that users manage.

Readers who use WordPress: Does SharePress sound like a useful tool?