FastPencil Launches Affiliate Program

FastPencil, the eBook-based social network is unveiling an affiliate program today. What’s that mean? FastPencil is looking for bloggers and other kinds of professionals whose work puts them in a position to refer writers to FastPencil’s paid publishing services.

Here’s more from Fastpencil: “‘As a writing coach and an author I am very excited about FastPencil’s Affiliate program because people come to me all the time for advice on the best route to getting published,’ said Joel Orr, author and America’s Empowering Book Coach. ‘FastPencil simplifies an often time-consuming, costly and laborious book authoring process and provides authors an efficient way to get published. The affiliate program helps people like me build my community by offering them something unique.'”

Affiliates get 4% of any service fees their referrals generate, and FastPencil will provide an affiliate dashboard to monitor referred customers.