Fashion Week: Bloggers Welcome?


With September upon us, so comes with it another New York Fashion Week. While the tents in Bryant Park have yet to fill up with models, designers, media and special guests, there are already events taking place before tomorrow’s official start.

However, the real question here, from any fashion publicist’s perspective is how to manage an event to get most positive media coverage for your client, while dealing with those pesky bloggers.

Gillian Reagan’s story, “Oh, Lowly Blogger? Your Seat’s in the Back,” which appeared Tuesday’s New York Observer, tackles the issue of the publicist’s dilemma as to who “counts” when doling out media passes for events.

Reagan gives one example here:

Even trusted fashion-industry darlings, like Scott Schuman, who left his job as director of the men’s fashion department at Bergdorf Goodman in 2005 to nurse his sick daughter and take digital pictures for his Web site,, and, has found that PR companies “look down their noses” at him…”you could see them kind of looking at me like, ‘Whatever’…There’s such a class system.

Kelly Cutrone, head of fashion PR firm People’s Revolution and well known for her cameos on MTV’s The Hills, discussed new media when we interviewed her this past June, and told the Observer, “…at this point in time, the blogging world is the Wild West. Once something has been said, it’s like taking a nail and putting it in a piece of wood. You can take the nail out, but the hole is still there. Once it’s up on the Internet, you can’t get it off; it’s just there forever.”

Blogger Shannon Nelson of Pierce Mattie PR tells PRNewser, “many bloggers are part of a site called Inside the Tents, where a bunch of bloggers who will be at Fashion Week will have their hash tagged tweets, Flickr pics and blog posts feed to the site.”

So far, this blogger hasn’t had any trouble getting RSVP’d for events. In fact, PRNewser was in attendance at last night’s showing by Keith Lissner, a People’s Revolution client, where we were treated more than kindly. Then again, we didn’t try and bum rush anyone for an impromptu video shoot.

[Stay tuned for more PRNewser coverage of New York Fashion Week]