FarmVille and Slide FunSpace Lead Gains in Daily Active Users on This Week’s List

FarmVille’s growth in new users has at last netted it a significant number of new daily active users (DAU), pushing it back over the 30 million amark and doubling the total DAU of the next-closest app, Facebook for iPhone. The Zynga game leads this week’s AppData list of top gainers on Facebook by DAU.

Besides FarmVille, the list this week is occupied by a number of newer games, some of which we’ll talk about over on Inside Social Gaming. We’ve also registered a definitive gain for Slide FunSpace, which picked up over a half-million new DAU:

Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain Gain, %
1. FarmVille 30,806,872 +2,103,410 +6.83
2. Social City 1,239,331 +1,239,240 +99.99
3. Slide FunSpace 1,791,231 +636,786 +35.55
4. Static FBML 5,745,491 +467,665 +8.14
5. Restaurant City 3,670,846 +358,434 +9.76
6. Birthday Album 367,764 +350,046 +95.18
7. Pet Society 4,304,155 +310,402 +7.21
8. Farmville exclusive 288,097 +287,258 +99.71
9. Bubble Island 504,192 +259,995 +51.57
10. Friends Emotions [Emociones de Amigos] 511,414 +234,448 +45.84
11. iHeart 1,869,150 +203,801 +10.90
12. Mobile 7,099,193 +198,300 +2.79
13. YoVille 2,132,214 +191,937 +9.00
14. Tiki Resort 427,563 +178,463 +41.74
15. Jeux Gratuits 166,892 +165,108 +98.93
16. Happy Aquarium 4,693,053 +155,957 +3.32
17. Texas HoldEm Poker 6,305,568 +128,394 +2.04
18. Zoo Paradise 122,571 +117,895 +96.19
19. Tarjetitas 220,909 +116,784 +52.87
20. Blingee Book 218,873 +106,603 +48.71

FunSpace recently shot from about 4.5 million to more than 25 million monthly active users (MAU), the apparent result of a new strategy by Slide. But the media sharing app’s DAU has lagged behind.

Even now, it’s not entirely clear whether all 1.79 million of Slide’s daily users are indeed coming on a regular basis, or if the continuing growth in new users is padding the numbers slightly.

Static FBML, the Facebook-built app for customizing Pages, has fallen to number four from its last-week gain of four million DAU. Following it, after EA’s Restaurant City, is Birthday Album, an app from the fairly new developer 2pad. It’s the dev’s second attempt after Photo Books, a photo printing app that has gained plenty of MAU but almost no daily users.

Farmville exclusive is doing well, but probably not for long; it’s just the latest parasite to pop up around FarmVille. And rounding out the top 10, there’s Friends Emotions [Emociones de Amigos]. This app, by a dev listed as aa, is a friend quiz. We expect several of these to do well in coming weeks, following the banning of Friend Quiz and Friend FAQ, which had 30 million MAU combined.