Farmtown Traffic Explodes On Facebook

I’ve played a lot of games on Facebook over the past couple years and many of them have been absolutely horrendous. Once in a while a great one comes along though and Farmtown appears to be just that. Over the past few weeks Farmtown has jumped in traffic to become one of the top 15 largest Facebook applications. What’s even more impressive is that 50 percent of those visitors keep coming back every single day.

It’s a rare game that is able to retain 50 percent of their users and I can understand why Farmtown is able to do that. The idea behind Farmtown is that users are given their own farm in which they can plow their fields, plant seeds, harvest crops (to sell), raise animals, and essentially build an entire farm from scratch. The game is somewhat addictive and best of all, if you’d like to know when your crops are ready for harvesting you can turn on email alerts to get notified.

Farmtown also presents a basic virtual world in which users can interact with other users in real-time. Want to just chat with other users to discuss strategies? Head on over to the local Inn. Want to hire some helping hands for your farm? Go to the marketplace to find some people who can help. It’s a fairly basic game but it can quickly become addictive as you strive to earn more money to build up your farm.

So far in the game I’ve only grown rice, grapes, potatoes, and tomatoes. And yes, my tomatoes bring all the girls to the yard. If you try out the game, make sure that you don’t grow grapes if you don’t plan on checking back every couple hours because the crops go bad quickly. As you progress through the game new challenges will appear, such as crows that eat your crops.

Thankfully you can purchase a scarecrow to make sure the crows never come around. I’m honestly not quite sure what a lot of the other items are for since I’ve only spent a day trying out the game but I’m warning you that the game can quickly become addictive. If you are looking for a good way to waste some time, check out the Farmtown application.

Farmtown Farm Screenshot

Farmtown Inn Screenshot