Fan Relationship Management — For Rockstars Who Need Social Media

Forget about standing outside the backstage door to catch Lady Gaga after the concert: get up-close and personal with your favorite music makers via Fanbridge.

Forget about standing outside the backstage door to catch Lady Gaga after the concert: get up-close and personal with your favorite music makers via Fanbridge.

FanBridge is a Fan Relationship Management Platform that merges email, Facebook, and other social networking platforms with direct-to-fan engagement tools to grow, engage and monetize consumer fan bases for artists, brands, and other influencers.

The self-serve platform allows artists and brands to build relationships with their followers via social media. FanBridge users include well-established music influencers such as Linkin Park, John Legend and Imogen Heap, to smaller, independent artists. Last week, Fanbridge announced that more than 100 million fans use their social platform to engage with the likes of Lady Gaga, Lil John, and Carole King.

“We’re here to guide [the way that] brands should engage and leverage their fan bases in an increasingly competitive marketplace,” says Spencer Richardson, Co-Founder and CEO of FanBridge. In January 2011, FanBridge acquired, one of the leading social media platforms dedicated to bridging the gap between music makers and their followers. Recently,FanBridge also announced two new team members who will kick their platform into high gear: former Nabbr executive Gray Blue has been appointed Director of Music Industry Relations and former employee Jason Perez has been selected as Head of Design. “We’re thrilled to have such an incredible team driving this forward” says Richardson.

As Gray Blue explains, “Today, more artists face pressure to keep up with the abundance of digital marketing tools out there, and that’s where FanBridge steps in.” He goes onto explain that FanBridge powers direct communications with fans by merging social media communications.  “FanBridge has always focused on providing the tools that will best enable our clients to communicate more effectively with their fans,” says Blue. “We see new opportunities every day from a multitude of avenues and will continue to offer only the best products to strengthen our clients’ toolbox.”

And Fanbridge isn’t just for the big names; emerging artist can use the social tool to build their fan base, as the company specializes in circulating media content and helps musicians go viral via a fan-to-fan referral program. Artist can also use FanBridge to track their fans and keep them engaged through targeted and focused communications.

On their website, FanBridge offers a free trial program for artists and price-points to fit any budget: the cheapest package, known as the “Garage” package, is only $9 per month, but this package is limited to only 1,000 messages. Their median package, called the “Arena” package, allows for as many as 20,000 messages and costs $24.00 per month, and the largest package, the “World Tour” allows for 250,000 connections for $249.00 per month.

As social media grows, so do the ways we can connect and communicate, and FanBridge offers an organized and targeted platform for those looking to garner fame and social connection in the music industry.  For more information, their website or follow FanBridge on Twitter @fanbridge.