Discover How Many Of Your Followers Are Fake, More Accurately Than Ever

There’s been a lot of buzz – almost a roar, really – about the number of fake followers on Twitter lately. And it all started with this little app: Fakers by Social People, which calculates how many followers of any Twitter account are inactive and how many are downright fake.

And now this simple app has been updated to pinpoint your Twitter fakers even more precisely than before.

Fakers was launched just last week and kicked off quite a media frenzy, with accounts like President Obama (@BarackObama) showing about a third of its followers as fakers and some of the top companies on Twitter boasting only about 50 percent “real” followers.

In its first update since launch, Fakers now looks at twice as much data to determine how many fake followers Twitter accounts have.

The app now examines 100,000 follower records (depending on the number of followers the specific account has) and uses 1,000 of them to calculate fakers.

Take a look at the updated results from Fakers below:

Before update:

After update:

Although my results weren’t that drastic, the updated app paints a slightly rosier picture of fake followers for some of the companies previously thought to be full of fakes. Facebook’s Twitter account was given a 47 percent “fake” stamp previously, but the update now puts that number at 39 percent. And Twitter’s own account has a revised 37 percent fakes compared to 47 percent previously.

The app works best with smaller accounts (those under 100,000) as it is able to encompass all follower data. Still, even larger accounts can get a decent idea of their followers using Fakers.

How many of your followers are fake?

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