FACT CHECK: Facebook Founder's House Rented Or Not?

Is there any truth in recent media reports that Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's founder and Chief Executive Officer, has moved?

Ever since Gawker first ran a story claiming a place Mark Zuckerberg used to call home was up for rent, we’ve been curiously seeking out answers.

The individual who listed the rental appears to be a sharp salesperson, and we’re wondering whether that same person tipped off Gawker. That would certainly help clinch a $7,850 monthly lease on a four bedroom house claiming, “Prestigious location!”

Here’s a key data point that people seem to have missed: Both the ad on Craigslist and ApartmentHunterz say the home is two years “new.” We thought Mark moved into his Palo Alto home before that.

Of course, we’ve asked Facebook’s public relations staff for confirmation, but one inside source told us that the company’s publicity department tends to avoid commenting on these kinds of questions.

Gawker says the address of the home is at 2073 Princeton Street and the name on the title is Stanley Wu. The ad on Craigslist has a reply-to email address of stanwu58@hotmail.com. The listing on ApartmentHunterz says the place has been rented.

We think this house is the one Mark occupied, and have yet to see anything about why he moved and what he’s planning. Is he buying a new home, and possibly taking other steps toward settling down? We’ve read elsewhere that he’s planning a trip to China at the end of the year, but moving out altogether seems like something longer term than travel.

Readers, what do you think about these listings?