FacebookSecrets Shut Down

I guessed it was going to take 48 hours but it ended up taking 4 days. The blog FacebookSecrets which decided to leak Facebook’s source code to the world has been shut down by Google. While I’m not sure if the perpetrator will republish the source code elsewhere, Google has decided to take down the blog which was hosted by Blogger. I’m sure Google had received a number of letters from Facebook’s legal team once the individual who leaked the source code failed to shut down the site. Sunday, I guessed that it would take 48 hours.

Apparently Google received a DMCA take down notice and was forced to take down the blog. All of this is summarized on the new Facebook Secrets Again blog. Apparently the offender could post a counter notification and the blog will be reinstated. If any damage was done by the leaking of the Facebook source code, it has already been done. Anyone that is attempting to perform malicious activities with the code has already analyzed the code. It appears that the code didn’t reveal enough to cause harm to Facebook aside from the negative P.R. that they received. It’s nice to see that the DMCA actually works.