Facebook's News Feed May Favor Your Halloween Posts

Halloween already appears in several public posts a minute. And their momentum is increasing on Facebook.

Halloween may be two-and-a-half weeks away, but the holiday already appears in several public posts a minute .

And the momentum is picking up: When I searched for the keyword a couple of days ago, it showed up at about half that rate.

This kind of uptick underscores the opportunity for word-of-mouth marketing in mentioning Halloween.

And now that the news feed groups posts with identical keywords, the holiday will snowball in visibility as more people post about Halloween and click on what their friends have to share about the topic.

Right now, costumes, seasonal humor, photos and videos predominate in the Halloween posts by individuals, while brands’ messages have more to do with events and promotions.

From the looks of things, marketers might spread their messages further by infusing Halloween humor into seasonal promotions.

What sort of posts are you seeing about Halloween right now?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.