Facebook's New Privacy Features: Easy or Complicated?

Naomi Gleit has publicly posted about the new privacy settings that launched this morning on Facebook. I briefly wrote about some of the changes taking place last night as well as this morning. I began modifying the settings this morning and there is no way that I’m going to get it done anytime soon. Given that I have almost 1,000 friends, it is difficult for me to categorize everybody accurately. But Vasanth who posted about the new settings on Alley Insider this afternoon has got it all wrong.

It took Vasanth 25 minutes this morning to categorize his 315 friends. Honestly 25 minutes isn’t that long for having all of your friends categorized in one location. Conversely, spending any substantial amount of time to organize your friends on Facebook can be annoying. Fortunately though, the average user has approximately 100 friends which means it should take about 8 minutes in Vasanth time to organize their friends.

I found the privacy settings refreshing and I had been predicting these changes since last year. These are necessary settings for any site that intents to keep their users active throughout the multiple phases of their life. Theoretically, individual photos and albums should have access control, but most users would probably find such settings excessively complicated.

While not completely accurate, Vasanth brought up a great point, “Even though we’ve taken the time to sort our pals into multiple lists, they groupings still aren’t granular enough. We’re happy to share some of our lives with almost all of our family, but not all of them.” I was thinking the exact same thing. My cousin should be able to view all of my photos but I probably wouldn’t want my mom seeing photos of me partying in college.

Have you found the new privacy settings easy or complicated? Will you take the time to organize your friends and give them different privacy settings?