Facebook's Missed Brand Opportunity

In speaking with Peter Corbett with iStrategyLabs the other day over dinner, we realized that there was one missing opportunity on Facebook which could be used to help brands and their pages get promoted more effectively. If users could tag brand instances the same way that you can currently tag users, there would be a large promotional opportunity. For instance, imagine if you take a picture of yourself next to your car and would like to tag it as “MINI Cooper”.

If you were actually a fan of the MINI Cooper on Facebook, you would be able to tag the photo and that photo would be displayed on the brand’s page. This way you don’t need to individually navigate to and upload photos on the actual brand’s page. It’s a great opportunity for brands and a great way to extend the existing platform. Facebook videos can currently be tagged as well so that would be yet another opportunity for Facebook.

There are a number of competitive services that are working to develop brand tagging in media some of which are completely automated. While I can see this technology being useful, enabling users to tag images and videos with brands themselves would be sufficient in my own opinion. Do you think tagging images and videos with brands would be smart? Why hasn’t Facebook done this yet?