Facebook's Advice to Viral Growth: Buy Our Ads

Yesterday Mike Arrington posted about a guide that was sent out to all Facebook pages users. According to the document (which is included below), there are 5 keys to harnessing the power of Facebook:

  1. Make business personal
  2. Update your Facebook Page frequently
  3. Harness the power of news feed
  4. Choose applications to display on your page, and
  5. Use Facbook Social Ads

I’m not so sure about a company’s control over their Facebook page showing up in user newsfeeds but apparently spending money on Social Ads is the primary way to attract users to your page. The primary benefit of leveraging Facebook Social Ads is their demographic targeting capability. Recently I’ve received a number of complaints from users saying that Facebook’s targeting doesn’t work to well. Some users have contacted me stating that they’ve been receiving ads in the wrong language.

Other people have reached out to say that the advertisements being displayed on Facebook are targeted at the opposite gender or that they are complete spam. If Facebook plans on generating a substantial amount of business from their Social Ads program they are going to need to improve the system’s targeting. Ultimately the guide distributed by Facebook is a self-promotional tool rather than an actual guide to viral marketing. If you are interested in reading it, I have included the document below.