Facebook Needs To Fix The Wall Spam Problem

-Wall Spam Icon-Are you tired of the pillow fight application? Tired of seeing blingee book cards posted to your Facebook Profile? I know that I sure as hell am but unfortunately there’s no way to block these applications from posting to your wall. While I’d love to write an article about “How To Block The Pillow Fight Application”, the only thing you can block the application from doing currently is accessing your personal information when your friends use the app.

When Facebook created the new stream API, they failed to include anything for blocking others from posting application stories to your wall. While you can block your friends from posting on your wall via Facebook’s privacy settings, there’s no way to differentiate between the types of wall posts that you’d like to prevent users from posting. The end result is a wall filled with junk.

Applications have been using various methods for posting to users’ walls including forcing users to grant the application extended permissions (which is against the Platform terms of service). After first writing about the Pillow Fight application last month, the volume of notifications has only increased. I would have thought that Facebook would add a link for “block all stories from [Application Name]” to the bottom of all application wall posts.

This method has resulted in a number of applications gaining tons of traction that they probably don’t deserve. Pillow Fights put the platform back almost three years when the classic “Snowball Fights”, “Throw Poop”, and “Water Fight” applications were popular. Those types of applications were part of the reason many viral channels became restricted. Ultimately a small number of developers began abusing the viral channels as is the case now.

Facebook should do something to resolve this as soon as possible because it’s really degrading the overall site experience. Don’t take my word for it though, check out all the status updates below from people when searching for the term “Pillow Fight”.

-Wall Spam Screenshot-

-Pillow Fight Search Screenshot-