Facebook VP of Marketing David Fischer, Director Mark Andreessen sell stock

As Facebook’s share price has touched $50, two prominent Facebook shareholders — Vice President of Marketing and Business Partnerships David Fischer and Director Mark Andreessen — recently offloaded some shares of Facebook.

Andreessen disposed of several holdings. The Andreessen Horowitz Fund converted 178,308 Class B shares into Class A (making them easier to sell). The Fund then disposed of these shares, selling 115,356 at $49.2199 each and 62,952 shares at $50.0728. A secondary Andreessen Horowitz fund also sold many of its shares — offloading 660,982 at $49.2199 each and then 360,710 shares at $50.0728 each. The Andreessen Horowitz Fund II also distributed 1,274,870 shares to its partners, leaving it with 1,274,869 shares of Facebook Class A stock.

AH Equity Partners II received 12,528 shares from the Andreessen Horowitz Fund II, and distributed all of those to its partners. Similarly, AH Capital Management received 135 shares from AH Equity Partners II, and then distributed all of those shares to its partners.

The Andreessen 1996 Living Trust received 15,991 shares from the Andreessen Horowitz Fund II, as well as 3,666 shares from AH Equity Partners II. It now has 3,256,159 shares of Facebook.


Fischer sold 18,000 shares of Facebook at $50.26, then another 18,000 shares at $49.28, netting him $1,791,720. He currently owns 481082 shares of Facebook stock.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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