First Verified Facebook Application Goes Live

This evening, CourseFeed was the first verified application to go live. Last year at the f8 developer conference, Facebook announced the launch of application verification program and by November registration was opened. Since then there has been little buzz but as of tonight, the first verified application has gone live.

Since this is the first application to be accepted into the program, there probably won’t be much of a benefit as most users are not aware of the “verified application” icon. The program states that “users will see more information from verified applications as we increase their allocations for communication channels such as requests and notifications, and increase visibility of their stories in News Feed.”

While news feed presence was once a significant benefit for developers, it is no longer as difficult to optimize for since all applications can be granted access. Ironically the application has been verified even though it to try to trick users into inviting their friends. On multiple instances users are instructed to classify friends as “classmates” by inviting them to the application, the first time being when they load the application.

There are some interesting features of the Coursefeed application though. Users can sync their current courses via their Blackboard accounts. Additionally, users can access free course content offered through the open courseware program. Many developers have registered to have their applications verified and this appears the first to have been approved.

Have you applied to be part of the verified applications program? Do you think that this is an important distinction for applications?

Thanks to Jason McGowan for the tip.