Facebook Users Worldwide Can Now Share Events via Stories

The social network also introduced International Women’s Day camera effects

Facebook began testing the feature with some users in the U.S., Mexico and Brazil last month Facebook
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Facebook’s features that combine Stories and events are being rolled out globally Thursday.

The social network began testing the feature with some users in the U.S., Mexico and Brazil last month.

Starting Thursday, when people visit the page for an event, they will see a Share to Your Story option, enabling them to share information about that event with their friends via their Stories.

They can also do so by adding a tappable sticker to their Story, which will provide friends with the details and allow them to visit the event page or respond if they are interested or attending, without leaving the Story.

Facebook users worldwide can share events with their friends via Stories

Speaking of Stories, Facebook introduced new stickers and frames for International Women’s Day.

The social network commissioned Kenesha Sneed to design the camera effects, and she said, “I’m constantly inspired by the women in my life. My mother and close friends are my biggest supporters, so it’s only natural for me to have them in mind while navigating the creative process. For this series of work, the bold colors and soft lines were inspired by the power and uniqueness of women.”

Camera effects for International Women's Day
Sticker for International Women's Day
Kenesha Sneed

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