Facebook Users Should Use Diddit for Sharing What they Did

Stumbled upon this new activity sharing site called Diddit. It’s almost similar to those memes which tells about what books you’ve read, movies you’ve watched, and yes things you’ve done. But for the people responsible for Diddit’s creation, the site is a place where you can discover new stuff to do, an ultimate activity guide where you can share activities you’re so fond of doing – be it travel, sports, arts , food and other stuffs.According to the site’s about page, Diddit lets you do 10 things:

  • Check off things you’ve done – “diddits.”
  • Star stuff you wanna do – “wanna dos.”
  • Tell stories about your life experiences.
  • Create lists of things you’ve done, things you wanna do, or both.
  • Browse and search our database of over 200k things to do.
  • Add suggestions to lists.
  • Meet people like you.
  • Share your favorite lists on Facebook.
  • Build your profile of life experiences.
  • Have fun. Get inspired. Discover your world.

And it’s true, you can practically all of those things listed above. After signing up, you can start your Diddit activity by completing your personal profile. Then browse through what others have done and what they are planning to do.

If you’ve encountered stuff which you have done before or which you plan to do, you can check them off, to start building your Diddit profile.

Or you can browse through various categories, featured lists, and what other Diddit members are doing in the Diddit universe.

Diddit is a promising web 2.0 site which banks on user activity and content generation. It’s interesting and certainly got lots of potential for becoming viral.

And yes, regarding the title of this post. How I wish Facebook users would use Diddit instead for sharing what they have just done, that would make the Facebook noise, a little less louder.