Facebook Users Revolt Against CBS Sports, It's March Madness!

March madness has arrived and Facebook users are going crazy with their brackets. There are currently around 20 applications on Facebook offering users with solutions but CBS Sports has paid to have the official CBS March Madness Bracket. As Mark Zuckerberg told me last week, this is nothing new. Then again, they didn’t have the platform last year during March Madness so there were no developers getting angry.

Watercooler has one of the competing applications and was able to attract almost 57,000 users yesterday alone. This compares with the more than 284,000 users that were active on the CBS Sports Bracket yesterday. It’s not just developers that are angered though. Users have been accusing CBS Sports of posting false application reviews.

One review posted by a user that has a blank profile states “I’m ready!! I’ve got my brackets setup, I work for a very large law firm, and we’ve got the entire office into this. This is going to be great. Game on!!! Hip Hip Hooray to cbssports.com!!!!!” I’ll let you come to your own conclusion about the legitimacy of that review. Other users complained of the application not working properly.

Whatever the case, users are going mad about this application and the developers aren’t too happy. The argument is that if Facebook will provide premium spots for advertising certain applications, they should provide all applications with the same opportunity. Additionally, if media companies can pay for custom ad placement and application promotions this is in direct competition to application developers that already provide such services for clients. Where does Facebook draw the line when it comes to custom app promotions?