Facebook Users Around the World Now Gaining Access to Places

Facebook’s location checkin service Places is now available to users in Brazil, India, Singapore, the Philippines, South Africa, Egypt, Israel, other countries around the world, according to users in those countries. We’re checking with Facebook about the scope of the rollout — the company has been slowly rollling the feature out since August, starting with iPhones and Facebook mobile sites in the US, often waiting until smart phone penetration reaches critical mass in a certain country before launching.

Update: Facebook tells us that the rollout covers just about everywhere, with some notable exceptions.”We are confirming that Places has become globally available with the exception of Korea and Russia where we are working to launch Places soon,” a spokesperson tells us.

The widespread launch today could indicate that there are many countries with the appropriate smartphone penetration, or the company could
just be releasing it to everyone everywhere to see how it’s used.

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