USA Today Debuts Facebook Open Graph Application

The latest addition to the Facebook open graph applications bandwagon: USA Today+ Me.

Extra! Extra! Gannett’s national newspaper jumped aboard the Facebook open graph applications bandwagon with the launch of USA Today + Me.

The app for Facebook is live, although it doesn’t publish anything to the right-hand column of timeline yet, nor do any of the open graph action apps yet. USA Today‘s press release tries to make it sound like it is the first one that’s actually running — nice try, guys.

Anyway, the app brings users content from USA Today based on stories their friends have read and recommended, as well as users’ interests, mined from their Facebook likes.

USA Today + Me users can view their results in grid or list formats, and filter them by popularity with their friends or what is trending on Facebook overall.

Users can also edit their settings via the social network’s application settings page, enabling them to remove selected activities directly from their timelines or via their personal activity logs.

Comments will be synched across USA Today + Me and the newspaper’s website.

USA Today + Me wasn’t among any of the 60 open graph applications announced by Facebook last night.

Based on the tendencies of some Facebook users to overshare, we have a feeling it won’t be long until we’ll see our news feeds overflowing with USA Today stories.

Remember that you can opt to hide all of your friends’ posts from any particular application by clicking on the upper right-hand corner above any news feed update concerning the app in question.

And you can keep your own reading patterns from going out to everyone else’s news feed by clicking on the small down arrow in the uppermost right-hand corner of your screen and clicking on the privacy settings.

Readers: Will you try out USA Today + Me or similar Facebook open graph applications?