Facebook Under Investigation!

Make sure your children are safe on Facebook because there are predators out there looking to attack! According to a New York Times article, the New York Attorney General, Andrew M. Cuomo, has subpoenaed Facebook. Cuomo is inquiring about how Facebook “handles complaints regarding the inappropriate solicitation of underage users.” According to a press release issued by Cuomo’s office:

In subpoenaing the company, Mr. Cuomo has asked for complaints received by Facebook regarding inappropriate solicitation of under-age users and inappropriate content on the site, as well as any responses by the Web site. The subpoena also calls for all Facebook policies on user safety and all representations made to consumers about the safety of the site.

This is the second state Attorney General to investigate Facebook’s handling of complaints of underage solicitations. Sounds familiar? Not long ago the same complaints were being thrown at MySpace. MySpace has definitely lost a lot of momentum and has handed over that momentum and some to Facebook. Facebook should simply add underage solicitation complaints to one of their options on the Facebook support hotline that I suggested earlier today. It will be interesting to see how Facebook responds, if they do at all.