People Prefer Engaging With Brands On Facebook Over Twitter [STUDY]

While they might both exist within the umbrella category “social media”, Facebook and Twitter are two polar opposite networks in many ways, especially when it comes to how they enable engagement. So perhaps this explains why a new study has found that Facebook engages fans better than Twitter, especially among the biggest brands on the net.

SocialBakers, a social media analytics company, examined how different brands engage their audiences across both Facebook and Twitter. They looked at the top brands on Facebook and compared their Facebook presence to their Twitter account over the past month.

Brands like Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Playstation and McDonalds are active on both Facebook and Twitter… but they seem to be getting better results on the social behemoth, Facebook.

Take a look at the chart below: only two brands see higher engagement rates on Twitter than on Facebook, Oreo and Skittles. Coca-Cola and Pringles are tied on both networks, while the remaining six (Starbucks, Redbull, Converse, Playstation, iTunes and McDonalds) get better results on Facebook.

To be honest, some of the results surprised me. McDonalds and Starbucks, for instance, have been among the beta testers for Twitter’s advertising products, Promoted Products, since they launched. Both brands have spent millions on advertising on Twitter, offering coupons, free coffees and discounts – but their engagement rates are between 1 and 5 percent on Twitter, while they’re seeing between 30 and 80 percent engagement on Facebook.

What about you? Are you surprised that Facebook gets more engagement for top brands than Twitter? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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