Facebook Is Most Visited Website For 2nd Year In A Row

For the second year in a row, Americans visited Facebook more than any other website.

For the second year in a row, Americans visited Facebook more than any other website.

And for the third year in a row, people in the U.S. keyed the word “Facebook” into search engines more than any other term.

That’s according to Experian Hitwise, which also found:

  • Facebook accounted for 3.1 percent of all searches, a 46 percent increase from 2010.
  • Four variations of the term “Facebook” were among the top 10 terms and accounted for 4.42 percent of searches overall, a 24 percent increase from 2010.
  • Social networking – related terms dominated the results, accounting for 4.18 percent of the top 50 searches. This is an increase of 12 percent compared with 2010.
  • Common search terms for Facebook – e.g., facebook and facebook.com – accounted for 3.48 percent of all searches in the U.S. among the top 50 terms, which represents a 33 percent increase compared with 2010.
  • Facebook was the top-visited website for the second year in a row.
  • Facebook accounted for 10.29 percent of all U.S. visits between January and November of 2011, a 15 percent increase from 2010.

Visits to the website and searches for the word “Facebook” represent two different fact sets. People who search for the word “Facebook” and variations thereof might be newer users of the site or folks who seek news stories mentioning Facebook.

Regardless, both sets of data show that Facebook’s popularity isn’t waning.

Simon Bradstock, general manager of Experian Hitwise, said in a prepared statement:

Navigational searches dominated the top search results as users typed in terms versus typing in the URL in the browser bar. Hitwise saw 11 percent growth of single-word searches in 2011 as terms like ‘face’ and ‘you’ made the top 50 searches.

Marketers need to be particularly brand-savvy when managing their search optimization campaigns because of this behavior, which is a result of predictive search functionality across major search engines. Other top 2011 searches reflect ongoing fascination with celebrities online, and many of the top fast-moving searches centered on natural disasters or notable personalities passing away.

Readers, what insights do you glean from Experian Hitwise’s statistics?