Facebook Traffic Continues to Surge

According to a comScore report published yesterday that shows Facebook’s global traffic continuing to surge past MySpace. While MySpace continues to attract more traffic domestically, that gap is closing rapidly. Currently there is no competing social network which has obtained the type of reach that Facebook has and currently there are no signs pointing toward a slowdown in Facebook’s growth.

The data suggests that 161 million unique visitors visited the site, far beyond the more than 110 million profiles that have been created on the site. That 50 million user gap suggests that Facebook still has plenty of room to grow. Additionally, tracking overall traffic can be misleading as a much smaller portion of users register and an even smaller portion successfully complete their profile.

Still, no matter what the break down is for gross users versus active users that complete their profile, Facebook continues to dominate. This is great news for the company and as Mark Zuckerberg has continued to highlight, they continue to focus on this growth as there is a ton of opportunity abroad for expansion.

One thing that hasn’t factored into these numbers is how MySpace music has impacted the growth of the site. We will have to wait until next month to find those numbers.