Facebook to Announce Music Next Week

I previously wrote about Facebook launching a music service. A couple days ago the rumor resurfaced that Facebook would be announcing the music service at the AdTech conference in addition to announcing their new ad network. According to Wired, the rumor has been confirmed by a Warner Bros. Records executive who posted on his blog that he is looking for Facebook application developer immediately.

From someone that has experience in developing Facebook applications for large clients I can support Ethan’s argument that he’d “be really surprised if the technology head of a major label wanted to hire a Facebook programmer for a quick, rush job.” That Facebook plans on making two massive announcements next week it a strike back at all the buzz that Google is generating from OpenSocial.

Whether or not this will help quell the buzz, Facebook and Google are now battling in the same ring, fighting to dominate the social space. In addition to competing with MySpace music, according to the Wired article, Facebook will be competing with iTunes by enabling “music sales widgets that would compete with iTunes by letting bands sell music directly from their Facebook pages, the way they already can on MySpace.” Facebook is opening up new battles on multiple fronts. It will be interesting to see if they can hold expand in multiple directions.