Now You Can Assign Past Dates To Facebook Timeline Posts

Timeline profiles now include a way to tag posts with dates in the past.

Timeline profiles now include a tiny clock icons in the window for publishing status updates.

Clicking on the clock icon conjures up a field for inputting a year, which in turn prompts an area for the month and subsequently the date.

Putting any time other than the present on a post will site it at the corresponding point in the past.

Past posts on timeline have yet to display clock icons, but we’re guessing that will come soon, since the whole point of timestamping is to enable people to curate their personal histories on the timeline.

This new timestamping seems likely to inspire people to scan in old photos for placement on their timelines; until now, the only way to mark dates on things was through captions, and that wouldn’t place items in the past.

This small improvement makes a big difference in the actualization of timeline’s promised capabilities.

And the feature also signals that Facebook is still pushing ahead with a forthcoming beta test of timeline, despite having postponed such a rollout of the advanced profile indefinitely.

Right now, only people who have installed the Developer application can activate and start using timeline, and only people who are using it can see it on other profiles.

Sitewide visibility of timelines is supposed to kick in with the beta availability of this advanced profile.

Facebook has yet to finalize a date for that, after twice postponing the live test amid a trademark lawsuit over the word “timeline” filed by

It’s possible that Facebook might change the name of the advanced profile, but the actual set of features now called timeline are still imminent.

Readers, what do you think about the new timestamp on timeline?