Ticketfly Keeps Entire Ticketing Process Within Facebook

A fully integrated purchasing system that doesn't require buyers to leave Facebook at all? That's the ticket for Ticketfly.

A fully integrated ticket-purchasing system that doesn’t require buyers to leave Facebook at all? That’s the ticket for Ticketfly.

While similar Facebook ticketing platforms, such as Pamego and Tekiki, are also heavily integrated with Facebook, leaving the social network is required at some point, to pay with PayPal in the case of Pamego.

Ticketfly allows ticket buyers to complete the purchase on Facebook, and offers ticket sellers:

  • The ability to create events quickly and automatically begin selling tickets via Facebook, as well as via sellers’ mobile apps, websites, email newsletters, the Ticketfly site, Spotify, Pandora, Songkick, and other outlets.
  • The ability to promote social discovery via integration with Ticketfly’s Facebook RSVP and share features.
  • Real-time analytics reporting, which provides integrated Facebook sales performance data.
  • Integration of the Facebook social graph, allowing people to see what events their friends are attending.

Ticketfly senior vice president of technology Sean Porter said:

In September, at the f8 conference, Facebook selected Ticketfly as a launch partner in its open graph project because it recognized that we understood the full scope of social commerce opportunities for event ticketing. To date, Ticketfly is the only ticketing company to offer Facebook Connect as a primary means of authentication across all consumer-facing touch points. Music fans spend much of their time on Facebook, and Ticketfly Facebook Purchase delivers on our promise to sell tickets to the fans where they are.

Readers, how might the opportunity to purchase tickets without leaving Facebook influence your buying decisions?

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