Facebook Testing Sponsored Event Advertisements

This afternoon I noticed an interesting thing popup on the sidebar which was a sponsored event for the upcoming election. This appears to be a test of sponsored event ads, but this would be an amazing tool for event promoters. While Facebook is already an amazing platform for event promoters, it could get a whole lot better very soon.

This form of sponsorship shows up where gift sponsors and video sponsors currently appear. I have yet to see any other events show up in this area but I’d imagine that Facebook will be testing it out over the coming weeks and months. The potential is enormous in terms of driving people to rallies, or in this case driving people to vote. In any example you use, this is a strong call to action.

While we are not sure if this new form of advertising will be accessible through Facebook’s self-serve platform or not, we are definitely excited about this product! Facebook is a powerful tool for communication and connecting individuals and any service that embraces connecting, most definitely a valuable one. As such, this appears to be an immensely valuable advertising tool.

We’ll let you know if we hear more about this new advertising tool.

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