Facebook Testing Photo Tagging Requests And Approvals

While many users regret being tagged in compromising photos, there have been few ways to protect yourself, aside from some basic privacy settings combined with rushing to immediately untag yourself once you’ve been tagged. Now Facebook is testing a new feature which many of us have wanted for a long time: photo tag requests in which the user must approve being tagged.

While the person who tipped us off about this feature claims that the request came from a user who wasn’t a friend, we haven’t been able to figure out a way to tag non-friends in photos. Jesse, who sent this to us, also said that the photo had been made public. While we haven’t been able to duplicate this process (aside from being notified with the prompt below, we are working on getting more details about the feature.

We’re assuming that this feature is intended to prevent the act of photo tagging spam, however we won’t be able to confirm until we hear back from Facebook. If Facebook decided to roll out photo tagging requests to all users, this would be a massive change to the dynamics of Facebook photos. Earlier this year we suggested that this feature should be rolled out for all photo tags as photo tags can become the source of significant problems.

The one reason that Facebook wouldn’t do this is that they want to generate additional engagement from the process of tagging photos. Requests may actually strike a balance in that users are still encouraged to come back to the site to check on photos they’ve been tagged in (in turn increasing site engagement) but require user approval (simultaneously protecting users from photo tagging disasters).

We’re waiting to hear back from Facebook about how this feature functions, but this could potentially be a massive upgrade to the site.

Thanks to Jesse Ferrell of AccuWeather for the tip!