Facebook Is Testing the Addition of Pages’ Descriptions to Their Cover Images

The feature is desktop-only, and descriptions can be up to 100 characters

Facebook confirmed that it is testing the addition of pages’ descriptions to their cover images.

Reader Sreedev Sharma, social media manager at Acodez IT Solutions, shared the screenshots above and below with Social Pro Daily, saying that the feature is desktop-only, and that descriptions can be up to 100 characters.

Sharma added that call-to-action buttons appear in a different location and cannot be deleted or hid.

Facebook confirmed the test in an email to Social Pro Daily, saying that if a page administrator of a page involved in the test has filled out the Description field in that page’s About section, the text will automatically be transferred, and it can be edited via the Edit Information option on the cover image. A spokesperson added:

We’re always working to make pages more valuable for people and businesses alike. We recently started testing several cover area designs and enhancements to help businesses feature key information more prominently.

david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.