Facebook Testing New Publisher With Users

Just under two weeks ago we wrote about the removal of publisher attachments from the Facebook Platform and today we’re receiving reports from users of a new publisher showing up in their profile. One Facebook user, Ivan Nikolic, posted a screenshot of the new publisher to Twitpic. While this could simply be a test by Facebook, it reduces a significant amount of clutter. Also of interest is that the publisher doesn’t include any video functionality.

Instead, the publisher is currently limited to status updates, links, and photos. It’s a relatively significant shift from the previous publisher which also let users post events, upload videos, and included custom attachments from within applications. While users may prefer the new publisher, and Facebook make get an increase in use thanks to the optimized publisher, not all application developers are happy about the shift.
One developer, for example, said that they had 15,000 users each day using their publisher functionality. We’d expect this to be a rare volume for any application developer however. Are you seeing the new publisher on your profile?
Thanks to Luka Kladeric of designeus for pointing this out!