Facebook Tells Digg To Fix Their Connect Implementation

-Digg Connect Icon-Digg is one of the most significant implementations of Facebook Connect to date but not everything is rosy as Digg has violated Facebook’s terms in the process of rolling out their service. One month ago a developer in the Facebook developer forum began complaining that Digg was actively storing user information. One month later Matt Trainer who handles developer relations at Facebook posted that they’ve “followed up with Digg to make sure that no profile information is stored against Facebook policy.”

The issue at hand was that Digg stored the information beyond the permitted 24 hours. Digg is apparently resolving the issue but it’s interesting that one of Facebook’s largest Connect implementations could be violating the terms for so long while going unnoticed. Is it a huge deal? I don’t really think so but that it took Digg over a month to resolve the issue means that thousands of users’ information was being stored on their servers.

Granted, Digg isn’t out to abuse the terms and steal user data but it shows how the terms can easily violated. It also illustrates how the developers are a self-policing group, aside from those that are profiting from violating the terms. Integrating Facebook Connect into your existing user system requires a bit of modifications to comply with Facebook’s terms. Ultimately Facebook got a big win out of having the Digg-Connect integration and this violation is more of a formality.

For those developers looking to implement Connect though, they want to know that other companies are also forced to jump through Facebook’s hoops to get set up. Digg now appears to be doing just that.