Facebook Stores Get Same Sales Rates As Websites

Facebook stores have the same sales conversion rates as their counterparts elsewhere online.

Facebook pages stores now have the same sales conversion rates that e-commerce websites do.

That finding comes from Webtrends’ latest white paper, “The Effect of Social Networks and the Mobile Web on Website Traffic and the Inevitable Rise of Facebook Commerce.”

Webtrends put together this white paper in conjunction with Adgregate Markets, which makes Facebook storefronts. It’s in the latter’s best interest to report any kind of growth in social commerce. We’re not doubting that the phenomenon seems poised to grow, but rather need to point out possible imbibing of Kool-Aid.

Anyway, according to Webtrends and Adggregate Markets, websites that don’t engage in e-commerce are losing more traffic to Facebook than sites that do sell stuff, but the latter is beginning to have a drop in unique visitors.

Facebook stores have a 17 percent average rate of engagement, defined as likes and shares. One to ten percent of a retailer’s fan base on the social network interact with the brand on a monthly basis.

Conversion rates for stores on Facebook range from two percent to four percent, roughly the same rate that e-commerce websites enjoy.

Readers, what do you think about the findings presented by Webtrends and Adgregate Markets?