How To Tag Your Facebook Friends In Status Updates

One Facebook feature which many users are still unaware of is status tagging, which lets you reference your friends within each of your updates.. We get regular emails from people how to accomplish this and while the functionality may feel normal for Twitter users, most people still aren’t on Twitter, which makes tagging your friends a less intuitive feature. In this article we explain how to tag your friends and why you’d want to.

How To Link People In Your Facebook Status

Tagging your friends in a status update or any other post to your profile is pretty easy. In the publisher, you simply use the “@” sign and begin typing your friend’s name (as pictured below). Facebook enables users to tag their friends as well as Facebook Pages that they’ve become fans of and events that they’re attending.

After selecting the item that you want to tag and clicking on the event, person, or page that you want to tag, the object will automatically become hyperlinked within your status update (as pictured below). While this process is pretty obvious for Twitter users, many Facebook users still have yet to figure out how to take advantage of this feature.

Why You Would Want To Tag Friends

So why would you want to tag your friends, events? It’s pretty straight forward. In the case of friends and Pages, it’s a form of acknowledgement that encourages the other party to interact with you. However, in the case of events, you may simply want to raise awareness of something you’ll be attending in the future or recently attended.

Simply put, tagging provides additional context to what was previously limited to the reader’s interpretation. Currently the Facebook tagging feature is limited to status updates and cannot be used within comments however numerous people have requested this capability. While there’s no timeframe on Facebook adding this feature, we’d expect them to include it eventually.

Have you already taken advantage of the status tagging feature? Do many of your friends use it or do you think it’s still limited to Facebook power users?