Facebook Says “Likers” Click Links To External Websites 5.4x More

Facebook has released new statistics on its Facebook+Media Page about users who click Like buttons on Open Graph-enabled websites, as well as the influence of the Like button and social plugins on site traffic and engagement. They show that the “likers” have more friends and click more links on Facebook to external websites than those who don’t use the Like button. Sites implementing the Like button get significantly more traffic, and their users visit more often, view more pages and videos, and spend more time on site.

“The average ‘liker’ has 2.4x the amount of friends than that of a typical Facebook user” meaning they may be more active on Facebook, have denser real-world social networks, or have been members for longer. Likers click links to external websites found on the news feed, profiles of friends, Pages, and elsewhere 5.4x more than the average Facebook user. This means those clicking through to websites Liked by their friends are themselves more likely to click Like buttons and share back to Facebook.

Demonstrating the gap between online and offline news readers, the average liker on a news website is age 34, twenty years younger than the average newspaper subscriber. Users who click Activity Feed plugins on Open Graph-enabled sites generate 4x more page views than the average visitor to a media site. The note also explains that Pages can increase on-Page engagement by 1.3-3x by publishing compelling links or status updates to those that Like them.

Websites which have Implemented the Like button or other social plugins have experienced the following traffic increases: ABC News (+190%), Gawker (+200%),  TypePad (+200%), Sporting News (+500%). Facebook also published various statistics about how NHL.com has been affected by the implementation. “Visitors are reading 92% more articles, spending 85% more time on-site, viewing 86% more videos, and generating 36% more visits.”

David Swain of Facebook’s Product and Platform Communications team has also quoted CTO Bret Taylor as saying that “five months after f8, about 2 million sites are using social plugins”.

These statistics show the positive effect integrating with Facebook can have on websites. The experience of other sites and the ease of adding the few lines of code necessary to install many social plugins should encourage sites to at least experiment with the Open Graph API.

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