Facebook Spam Continues to Run Rampant

Despite an $873 million award after winning a spam suit a couple weeks ago, Facebook and users on the site are still becoming victims of aggressive spammers. Ingrid Alongi says that she has received two spam emails from separate friends within a couple hours today. A number of other people have been commenting around the web about a rise in spam.

Twitter has been buzzing about Facebook spam. Some individuals are receiving spam emails while others are receiving alternative versions of spam. No matter what incarnation of spam each individual receives, it’s all annoying and frequently malicious. Links end up prompting users to download applications that install viruses on their computers.

Jeremiah Owyang also posted a tweet about receiving a Facebook spam email today. As he mentioned in the tweet, he definitely isn’t alone. Facebook $873 million win against spammers is definitely a bold statement, but as I mentioned at the time, it probably won’t result in much as the spammers are on some far away island. Rather than filing lawsuits it seems like a better strategy would be to build a better spam engine.

Facebook currently has one of the best anti-spam mechanisms in place as they have been able to prevent an outflow of users. This happened previously when MySpace users were inundated with spam messages and friend requests. As Facebook continues to expand globally, the company is going to become a bigger target for spam.

Have you been receiving emails like the one below? Are there other types of spam that you are seeing?