New Facebook Spam Application Spreads Quickly, Before Being Shut Down

-Warning Icon-Over the weekend I wrote about the new “Error Check System” application that was running rampant. A new application is now making the rounds less then a week later. I’ve received numerous emails this morning reporting the issue. The application is called “f a c e b o o k – – closing down!!!” and it automatically sends out a notice to all of your friends saying that you reported them for violating their terms of service.

It will show up as a notification just like the Error Check System application did. Facebook clearly runs the risk of multiple more applications like this popping up on a regular basis. The Facebook Error Check system was a bit more malicious in that they used black hat SEO techniques to drive users to install spyware on their system. When you searched Google, the first thing that popped up was a link to a page which installed the spyware on your system.

So far it doesn’t appear that this application uses the same techniques and is instead attempting to drive new users. Within hours of the application being posted, it was also apparently shut down as I can no longer view it. Many of the spam application developers are using a strategy of making notifications and messages look like they are actual messages from Facebook.

This is clearly a big issue for Facebook and theoretically they could just create an internal warning system that monitors notifications being sent through the platform. It’s surprising that these exploits have only begun popping up recently. My guess is that we’ll see a few more of these take place before the problem is officially resolved.

Have you been receiving any sketchy notifications from friends? If so definitely let us know!