Facebook Is Still The Top Way To Share Stuff On The Web

Clearspring’s AddThis widget provides anonymous statistics about user behavior from across the social web. AddThis has been installed on 7.2M domains, collectively reaching over 1 billion users a month worldwide and giving them insight into the evolution of what’s being shared on the social web.

AddThis, which we covered back in August, currently supports over 300 services but none seem to be coming close to Facebook when it comes to social sharing. In 2009 Facebook controlled 33% of sharing volume, a number that increased to 44% in 2010. That’s a 1/3 increase year over year. Facebook is also the second most popular video destination, after YouTube and ahead of Yahoo.

All isn’t smooth for Facebook, however, as other services are fiercely competing for users’ attention. From magazines and email to twitter and other social networks and bookmarking sites, people are spending less time on Facebook. Yet Facebook has more pageviews than Google and has reached over 500M registered users – a spectacular reach for an organization that’s a fraction of Google’s size.

Google & StumbleUpon have grown well – Gmail has 1/3 the users of Facebook and grew its sharing volume 1.4x faster. StumbleUpon followed closely after with a 254% growth. According to AddThis’ statistics,

Some other interesting facts from AddThis:

  • Email is 38% bigger than Twitter
  • Google services represent 7.2% of all sharing
  • MySpace sharing has declined 27% from last year

AddThis has it’s finger on the pulse of the Social Web and gets to see a lot of trends & memes as they’re happening across multiple social networks and online services, so we look forward to receiving continual updates on how sharing evolves and starts tying more deeply into the future of social commerce.

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