Facebook Sets Third f8 Conference

Facebook announced that the third edition of its f8 conference will take place April 21-22 in San Francisco.

Facebook Developer Network manager Sandra Liu Huang posted on the Facebook Developers Blog:

On May 24, 2007, we launched Facebook Platform alongside 800 developers and entrepreneurs at our first f8 conference in San Francisco. Many of the people at this first event built the innovative applications that paved the way for developers around the world to engage users. Today, there are more than 500,000 applications on Facebook.com, and more than 300 of those have more than 1 million users each.

At our second f8 July 23, 2008, we announced Facebook Connect so that developers could help users bring their identity and connections anywhere. Through your hard work, 60 million users engage with Facebook Connect on more than 80,000 external Websites every month.

f8 has always been about empowering a community of developers to hack, to build and to delight users. We’re looking forward to continuing this tradition at our third f8 in San Francisco April 21-22, 2010. Please save the date!

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The burning question: Since the first f8 brought Facebook Platform, and the sequel brought Facebook Connect, what’s in store at f8 No. 3?

CNET speculated that it could be the long-rumored payment platform and/or virtual currency system from Facebook. TechCrunch concurred, but also mentioned geo-location support as a possibility. And Inside Facebook added the Open Graph API and advancements in mobile to the guess list.