Facebook Rolls Out New Friends Page

In case you’re too busy with sharing links, taking quizzes, uploading photos, or chatting with your Facebook contacts, Facebook has just rolled out a new Friends Page. This new Friends Page now makes it easier to find and organize your Facebook connections into groups. The new Friends Page is being gradually rolled out, so don’t storm the Facebook blog if you don’t see it yet.

For those who can already see the new Friends Page, the first thing you’d notice is of course the search box on the upper right-hand corner of the page. Just enter any information and you’ll find a list of friends connected to your Facebook account. This also goes true for people who connect with you via email on Facebook.

This is a cool and useful feature and yet just the tip of the iceberg. The most notable feature of the new Friends Page is an easier interface for organizing your Facebook friends into groups. By default, you can only see the “All Friends List”. Below this tab is an option to create a new list. Clicking on this tab will display a box asking you to enter a name for the friend list. After entering the name for your list, you will be brought to a new screen where you can either enter an information to search for a friend that you want to add to the list. Alternatively you can choose to add multiple friends. All your friends will be displayed and you can just select the friends you want to add to the link. After saving, you can now see the friend list you created at the left-hand side of your Facebook page.

Cool thing about this Friend List is the fact that you can send invites, shoutouts, share links and photos to specific friends only. You can also filter the updates you receive on your Friends Page to a specific group of friends only. This will reduce the noise on your Friends Page and would be most useful if you’ve hot high school buddies who are fond of answering stupid quizzes on Facebook.

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